The LIFE Study
   Pahor – The (LIFE) study, randomized trial of physical activity Effect on the prevention of major mobility disability
   Sink – The LIFE Cognition Substudy Design and Baseline Characteristics
   Fragoso – Sleep-wake disturbances in sedentary community-dwelling elderly adults with functional limitations
   Fragoso – Combined reduced forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) and peripheral artery disease in sedentary elders with functional limitations
   OHartaigh – Physical Activity and Resting Pulse Rate in Older Adults-Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial
   Buford – Genetic influence on exercise-induced changes in physical function among mobility-limited older adults
   Beavers – The effects of a long-term physical activity intervention on serum uric acid in older adults at risk for physical disability
   Rejeski – The MAT-sf clinical relevance and validity
   Espeland – Performance of a Computer-Based Assessment of Cognitive Function Measures In Two Cohorts of Seniors
   McDermott – Ankle Brachial Index Values, Leg Symptoms, and Functional Performance Among Community-Dwelling Older Men and Women in the LIFE Study
   Marsh – Lifestyle interventions and independence for elders main stud recruitment and baseline characteristics
   Fielding – The Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders (LIFE) Study Design and Methods
   Cesari – A physical activity intervention to treat the frailty syndrome in older persons-results from the LIFE-P study
   Ip – Physical Activity Increases Gains in and Prevents loss of Physical Function
   Brinkley – Total and Abdominal Adiposty are associated with Inflammation
   Buford – ACE Inhibitor use by Older Adults is associated with greater functional responses to exercise
   Wang – Effects of a 12-month PA intervention of Prevalence and Individual components of Metabolic syndrome in elderly men and women
   Heffernan – Relation of pulse pressure to long-distance gait speed in community-dwelling older adults
   Matthews – Depressive Symptoms and physical performance
   Houston – Change in 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and physical performance in older adults
   Marsh – Muscle Strength and BMI as predictors of MMD
   Rosano – Psychomotor speed and functional brain MRI 2 years after completing a PA treatment
   Chale-Rush – Relationship between physical functioning and physical activity in LIFE-P
   Beavers – Long-Term PA and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Older A
   Phillips – Interruption of physical activity because of illness in LIFE-P Trial
   Hsu – Evaluation of Late Life Disability Instrument in LIFE Pilot Study
   Manini – Effects of Exercise on mobility function in obese and non-obese older adults
   Rejeski – The LIFE-P Two Year Follow up
   Kwon – What is meaningful change in physical performance
   Groessl – A cost analysis of a physical activity intervention for older adults
   Vestergaard – Stopping to rest during a 400-meter walk and incident mobility disability
   Williamson – Changes in cognitive function in a randomized trial of physical activity
   Nicklas – Exercise training and plasma C-reative protein and interleukin-6 in the elderly
   Church – Maximal Fitness Testing in Sedentary Elderly
   Pruitt – Use of accelerometry to measure physical activity in older adults at risk for mobility disability
   Rejeski – PA in Prefrail Older Adults
   Goodpaster – Effects of exercise on physical strength and skeletal muscle
   Picarsic – Self Reported Napping and Quality Sleep
   Rejeski – Predictors of Adherence to Physical Activity
   Fielding – Activity Adherence and Physical Function
   Groessl – Health Related Quality of Life
   Espeland – Designing Clinical Trials
   Katula – LIFE-P Recruitment and Baseline Characteristics
   Pahor – Effects of PA intervention on measures of physical performance Results of LIFE-P Study
   Rejeski – LIFE-P study design and methods